This blog is a writing project inspired by the American author John Steinbeck and a letter he wrote to his teenage son Thom. Once a week I will write a letter to my two children Leo and Miller and post them here on this blog. The letters can be about anything. The conditions are only that these letters are regular, they are written and posted on the same day and that they are from the heart.

Fearless and kind are the two things above all that I want my children to be when they grow up. I want the words within my letters to help them navigate their way through whatever life puts in their way.

This is not a parenting website or a yummy mummy blog: it is simply somewhere to gather my thoughts and turn them into something (hopefully) worth reading. My only objective is that Leo and Miller might look at these letters one day and see that I was always thinking about them and know that I don’t ever want to┬ástop telling them things.